How To Feel Confident Talking About What You Do

malaika paul

Last weekend I had lunch with a young entrepreneur.

I love watching the #Millennials reinvent themselves.

She’s starting a business selling T-shirts designed to make a difference.

She also attended a business event where I spoke about the importance of financial projections (even if you’re a one-woman show) and building a business that matters.

We later connected on Facebook and she responded to one of my messages
where I shared clear branding values.

When you’re devoted to a strong purpose with clear values and you share that message across all your platforms~ the web, mobile, email and social.

It’s inevitable that you attract people with similar values.

You begin to build lasting relationships that you care about.

That’s the secret to building a business that matters.

In this video I reveal three strategies to help you feel confident talking about what you do,
so it’s easy to grow the right audience by reaching the people that matter most to you.
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How To Reach Your Goals Fast

I know it’s that time of year everyone is planning for the new year.

Setting goals and making decisions on what to create in your life and business.

Goal setting is one of my favorite things to do.

Because it sets me free.

I set aside time to reflect and plan.

Then when it’s time to create. I create.

No wasting time thinking about what I should be doing.

When you don’t have a plan~ it’s easy to get distracted.

So make time to set goals and watch this video to learn how to reach your goals faster than you ever thought possible.  Continue Reading

Stay Accountable to Your Dreams and Goals

I know you’re doing everything by yourself.

That’s why I designed this organization chart to help you organize your business around all your responsibilities.

You might be thinking you don’t need this because it’s just you or you haven’t made sales yet.

And that’s exactly why you need it.

You see, without a clear picture of everything you have to do all in one place–

You work when you feel like it and lack accountability.

That’s a recipe for disaster. (I’m speaking from experience)

You and I know holiday season is here and can be full of chaos.

I want to help you stay accountable to your dreams and goals.

Watch this video as I walk you thru the best way to use the organization chart. Continue Reading

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