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I’m falling In Love with Blogging

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So what did you work on today in your business?

This  is the question I get a lot?

So I decided to share it with you today with the intention to give you some direction and guidance on how to give the most from yourself this week.

I know you’re responsible for doing everything in your business.

Last week I had a meltdown recording videos. I set up lights, test audio  and downloaded the video only to upload it to youtube. And that’s just during the video production.

What about the before and the after video production?

It was a nightmare. Sometimes -It sucks to do it all by yourself.

I want you to know that you can do it all.

Just not all at the same time.

Today My intent was to publish a video about my favorite marketing tool.
Watch this video to learn why I’m falling in love with blogging.Continue Reading

A Simple Plan To Jumpstart Your Best Year To Come

This time of year most people are preparing for the Holiday season.

They’re looking to buy that special gift or sell that special gift.

If you’re responsible for doing everything in your business,

you may be exhausted and decided to take a break. That’s fine too.

It’s your business. You do as you please.

But I want to encourage you to take some time to plan for the upcoming year.

Most people wait til the last minute to start planning.

Now is the time to look ahead into the future…

…and decide where your business is going.

It will inspire any last minute goals you want to achieve and set the stage for a strong year ahead.

Zig Ziglars says “No one ever wanders to Success.”

You must plan for it.

So get ready to prepare for your best year in business.  Start with a simple plan.

In this video I reveal 3 things you can do Now to make a simple plan for the new year.Continue Reading

Why I Want To Learn How to Create and Sell Digital Products

Why I Want To Learn How to Create and Sell Digital Products

Imagine waking up to email notifications from Paypal

that reads—You just received money!

When I received my first email from Australia, London and New York,

I was so blissfully happy.  I ran to the post office to ship shoe boxes.

But Imagine if you didn’t have to go to the post office.

How would that make you feel? What would you do with your time instead?

That’s the Power of creating and selling digital products.

In this video I share with you my number #1 reason why I want to learn more about how to create and sell digital products and how you can too. Continue Reading

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