Business Advice I Only Share With My Friends

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Don’t you love when you have free time with your friends

On a Sunday afternoon in Pasadena, sipping wine and eating Italian pizza with arugula ( one of my favorites).

My beloved friend Javier, always makes me think about Life’s greatest questions.

This time he asked “What would you do differently if you could start your first business all over again?”

Great question right!

So good I had to share with you today.

Watch the video to listen to my surprising response.

Have you ever owned a business? If so What advice could you share to help someone just getting started.

Leave your response below.
I’m having so much fun shooting these videos.

Thanks for listening.

xo Malaika

20 Things You May Not Know About Me

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Do you share personal tidbits about yourself on your business blog?

Why Not?

I’ve found sharing personal stories is an opportunity to connect.

Connecting on a personal level gives you leverage on the internet.

Most people are afraid to share personal stories for fear of what people may think.

Personal stories helps to build your online presence.

So here is a fun video about 20 things you may not know about me.

My friend Jennifer from TeachGoodStuff invited me to join a conversation that started on the east coast with April at BlackburgsbelleContinue Reading

How To Build Your Business with Your A-Team

If you’re overwhelmed in your business.
If you have a long ass To-Do List.
It’s time to bring on the A-Team.
Why? You’re trying to do everything all by yourself.  Run your business, Run your Family and hopeful have some relations in the meantime.

So What can you do?  In this video I reveal who’s the A-Team, What to expect and how to avoid the overwhelm.

>Are you willing to give up your to-do list?
In the comments, Tell me one Goal and your 3-Step System to make it happen.
oxo- Malaika

How To Keep More of The Money You Make

Can you believe the people that work hard everyday with blood, sweat and tears are overworked and underpaid. On top of that, They are taxed the most. So if you’re tired of spending all your money on taxes and know the mediocre tax credits are keeping you stuck. And you want a better life forContinue Reading

4 Essentials To Build A Business That Matters

You just started your business. You’re excited and want to tell the world. You want to be memorable in the hearts and minds of your people and community. Then you wonder… What will they say about me? In this video you’ll discover the four essentials to build a business that matters. What’s your cause? In theContinue Reading

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