How to Manage Key Relationships to Run a Profitable Business

Managing your relationships only works if you captured the results in part 1

and monitored your money results in part 2.

Because now you get to use that information to leverage your relationships to run a profitable business.

Most businesses fail to use the information captured in part 1 and compared in part 2

to communicate with suppliers to get the best value at a reasonable cost

while giving your customer an unforgettable experience that they can’t help but to tell their friends and family about you.  Continue Reading

How to Monitor Your Money Results

Monitoring your money results can be a simple process as well.

Provided you captured complete and accurate results in real-time.

Too many times small businesses are wipeout buy an expense they did not plan for

like a high tax bill.

Making a plan or a budget is like creating a financial vision board.

You’re declaring your intention of what you want to accomplish in running a profitable business.

And we all know how powerful setting intentions are; It’s like planting a seed and watching the fruits of your labor grow.

So what can you do to monitor your money effectively?  Continue Reading

How to Measure Your Money Results

Measuring your money results is as simple as running an Income Statement Report;

also know as Profit and Loss Statement from an accounting software like Quickbooks.

Income Statement report gives a detail summary of how much profit or loss was generated.

If your business generated more Sales in value than it has used in Expenses then the bottom of the Income Statement will show a Profit or Net Income.  (Show Image of IS)


A common question small business owners asked is how much money did I make this month.Continue Reading

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