How To Build a Business System that Makes Money- Even If You Don’t Show Up

If you’re thinking about starting a business…

Make sure you ask these three questions


Before you purchase your domain for a website.

So Last night, I listened to a google hangout with 3 entrepreneurs

talking- How to get unblocked and moving forward in business.

They were so transparent in sharing. I really appreciated it.

So transparent that one mompreneur admitted her kids were blocking her and they were always in the way.

She then advised to do whatever it takes…

She prides herself in turning things around for her clients even if they text her at 2 AM.

I cringed.

If you want freedom to create good work and make an impact in this world,

Start the way you want to finish.

Here’s three steps to start the way you want to finish:

Step one- Decide What you want for your life now.

What’s the essence of your life. You want to make money and change the world?

What kind of person do you want to be?

One of my favorite quotes

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Step two- Know How that vision looks and feels.

Think about the last time you felt free.

What did that look like?

How did you feel?

What did you smell? What did you hear? Was there anyone with you?

Step three- Design your Master Plan.

Build a business around a system that makes money even if you don’t show up.

Feed this vision to your subconscious mind everyday.

Make a rule if what people are asking of you don’t look and feel like your vision you defined for yourself.

Simply say No.

Start the way you want to finish.

Thanks for listening.


How To Build Your Business with Your A-Team

If you’re overwhelmed in your business.
If you have a long ass To-Do List.
It’s time to bring on the A-Team.
Why? You’re trying to do everything all by yourself.  Run your business, Run your Family and hopeful have some relations in the meantime.

So What can you do?  In this video I reveal who’s the A-Team, What to expect and how to avoid the overwhelm.

>Are you willing to give up your to-do list?
In the comments, Tell me one Goal and your 3-Step System to make it happen.
oxo- Malaika

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